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Curing Agent 101
Curing Agent 101

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Common: Crosslinking agent 101, Curing agent 101, rubber additives 101, bridging agents 101
Chemical name: 2, 5-bis(tert-butylperoxy)-2.5-dimethylhexane
Formula: C16H34O4
Molecular Weight: 290
CAS N0: 78-63-7

Chemical Structure:
Usage: Used as curing agent of silica rubbers, polyurethane rubbers, ethylenepropylene rubbers and other kinds of rubbers as well as crosslinking agent for polyethylene and curing agent for unsaturated polyether.
This product is not so easy to gasify and to give off odor as other products. It is a very effective high temperature curing agent for rubbers which is well tensile strength and lower elongation.

Half-Iife data: Activation energy 36.0 kcal/mol
LOhr. Half Life Temp. 115'C
1hr. Half Life Temp. 134'C
1min. Half Life Temp. 192'C
Safety data: Flash point 36'C
Tem 75'C
UN-N0 3105
CN-N0 52005
Package and storage: L0kg, 25kg in PE drum.
Below 25'C stored.
Keep away from direct sunbeam and violent shaking during transportation
Not permissible to be accompanied with strong acids or reductive agents
During storage or shipment.
Quality indicators: Products Appearance Content% Carrier Color hazen Meltingpoint'C Fe
FARIDA 101 Liquid ≥ 93 / Max. 90 ≥ 8'C Max. 3ppm
FARIDA 101 50A White powder 50 Si02 / / /
FARIDA 101 50B White powder 50 Si02+CaC03/ / /
FARIDA 101 40A White powder 40 Si02+CaC03 / / /
FARIDA 101 40B White powder 40 Si02 / / /
FARIDA 101 7.5PP White powder 7.5 PP / / /
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